provide natural power ingredients for a healthy skin glow

"You look worn out, honey":  Never before has our skin been exposed to so much stress in everyday life as today. Taking good care of our skin and arming it for any harmful influences is therefore immensely important for all of us.

To help you strengthen your skin's resilience, we at melumé went in search of an unprecedented power ingredient and found it at the French composition company Robertet Group, which specializes in the production of natural cosmetic ingredients: Holimel® (SOD B®).

The perfect skincare

Around this incredibly powerful, natural active ingredient, we have developed - through extensive research and based on our expert knowledge - our melumé products, with which you can enjoy the sun in a whole new way. Your skin is always wellhydrated and nourished - also thanks to the addition of our nutricosmetics - and glows with resilience: the perfect skincare that builds, supports and keeps your natural glow fresh!