The best for your glow

We all know the deep desire for nat rally beautiful and healthy skin. We firmly believe that your most beautiful glow comes naturally from the outside as well as the inside: with our nutricosmetics - nutritional supplements - the effective cosmetics of tomorrow. We want to develop sustainable products for you that holistically support the resilience and health of your skin.

Let´s glow together holistically

Our brand promise is our product experience: resilient skin that exudes a natural glow that comes from within and without.

We have already found the key to your personal Glow experience in nature, or rather in a unique, very special Cantaloupe melon species from the South of France: it is at the core of all our melumé products. Our formulas of this novel cosmetic range use the demonstrably effective Holimel® (SOD B®) from this special cantaloupe melon to give your skin resilience and beauty from inside and outside: Let's glow together holistically!