the skin resilience stix (one month supply)

34,90 €
Build-up - glow perfection from the inside
387,78 € / kg

the skin resilience stix (two months supply)

62,90 €
Build-up - glow perfection from the inside
349,44 € / kg

The glow boost from the inside

We all know it: the deep need for naturally beautiful and healthy skin. With our melumé nutricosmetic products for your perfect glow, your most beautiful glow no longer only comes from the outside, but also from the inside. Our skin resilience nutricosmetics provide you with everything you need for a vitalised glow: Discover our new melumé Inside range now.

Thanks to the special active ingredient Holimel® (SOD B®), our natural melumé nutricosmetics have a stronger antioxidant effect on your skin than any antioxidants ingested through food. For beautiful, strong skin with that special glow from within!

Our melumé natural nutricosmetic products protect your skin around the clock and prepare you for all eventualities. The basis of all our products is the power enzyme Holimel® (SOD B®), the power ingredient from nature - a 100% natural melon juice concentrate that strengthens the skin's own antioxidant defences.

The effect of Holimel® in our nutricosmetic line, consisting of capsules and sticks, is enhanced by the addition of other high-quality natural ingredients and vitamins - for radiant skin resilience.

Convince yourself and strengthen your skin sustainably from the inside - with our Nutriskincare to take.

By the way, with melumé your true beauty does not only come from within through our natural nutricosmetics: With melumé, it
comes holistically, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. How does that work? It's simple: with our new and unique natural melumé holistic care range, your skin is strengthened, nourished and made more resistant and resilient from the inside and outside at the same time. This gives it the absolute ultimate glow boost.

What do you have to do? It's easy: simply apply our natural lotions and creams - which work specifically from the outside - and our natural nutricosmetic products - which work from the inside - on a regular basis, and your skin will become super resilient against environmental influences and damage.