Prevents wrinkles and provides intense moisture

Prevents wrinkles and provides intense moisture

The rich face cream

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Your everyday Glow
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the glow booster face and decollete

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7-day beauty set
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Are you asking yourself how you can immediately tighten your skin and make it glow right here and now? With our hyaluronic cosmetic products from melumé. In addition to our secret weapon Holimel, we also use the super active ingredient hyaluronic acid in our Rich Face Cream and our Glow Booster Ampoules: Our duo is your go-to routine for flawless skin!

Hyaluron ampoules: Thanks to the practical little glass ampoules with hyaluronic acid, Spilanthes extract and Glow-Boost pigments, tired skin regains its radiance. Your complexion immediately looks fresher, more even and smoother. Your skin is vitalised, intensively hydrated and sustainably strengthened. For an immediate moisture boost with a lifting effect.


Hyaluronic acid cream: The facial care you need for your exciting everyday life is as versatile as your life. With our rich melumé face cream with our power antioxidant Holimel® (SOD B®), a valuable triple oil complex, moisturising hyaluronic acid, nourishing squalane and nourishing shea butter, dry, tense and stressed skin no longer stands a chance. Your skin is intensively hydrated, nourished and smoothed. The power care boost for even and radiantly beautiful skin.



Hyaluron ampoules

For an immediate moisture boost with a lifting effect.

Hyaluronic acid cream

Your skin is intensively hydrated, nourished and smoothed.

Hyaluron booster

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How hyaluronic acid works

Hyaluronic acid is not only used in hyaluronic cosmetic products. First of all, it occurs naturally in human connective tissue, for example in our skin, where it acts as a moisture reservoir. In this way, hyaluronic acid ensures the elasticity and resilience of our skin. However, over the years - around the age of 25 - our natural hyaluronic acid level decreases significantly, resulting in sagging and wrinkles.

What hyaluronic acid cosmetics do for you
This is where our melumé Hyaluron products come into play: In our melumé Glow Booster ampoules with hyaluronic serum and our hyaluronic cream, hyaluronic acid is used in a highly concentrated form and has a moisturising and skin-smoothing effect. Your skin retains its moisture longer thanks to our Hyalorun cosmetics. Tired facial skin looks more plumped up. This effect is easy to explain: together with water, hyaluronic acid forms a kind of cushion, which is placed in small empty spaces, such as wrinkles, in your skin and thus immediately fills them visually.

How and when to use hyaluronic acid
Our hyaluronic acid ampoules and hyaluronic acid cream are also ideal for sensitive skin. As hyaluronic acid is also found as a natural substance in our body, it is perfectly tolerated even by sensitive skin. Also: Your age does not matter when using the products. Our hyaluron ampoules and our hyaluron cream care for skin of all ages in a particularly lasting way.

To achieve the best results, first integrate the hyaluronic acid ampoules into your routine and then apply the hyaluronic acid cream. The rule of thumb here is: Always apply the more liquid product under the more solid one. This way your skin absorbs our melumé cosmetic products optimally. It's also important to massage the ampoule liquid into your skin from the inside out, patting it in gently. Nothing will stand in the way of your perfect melumé glow - a radiant outlook!