Our product range for inside and outside

The saying goes: "True beauty comes from within"! Not so with us: because with melumé it stems holistically, not only from the inside, but also from the outside at the same time. How does this
work? It's simple: with our new and unique melumé holistic skincare range, your skin is strengthened, nourished and made more resilient - from the inside and outside at the same time. This gives it the absolute ultimate glow boost.

What do you have to do? It's easy: Simply apply our lotions and creams regularly - which work specifically from the outside - and at the same time our Nutricosmetic products - which work from the inside. This will increase your skin’s resilience against environmental influences and other damage.

The power ingredient from nature

We found the key to our holistic melumé cosmetics and to your own personal glow experience in nature, or rather in a special Southern French sustainable form of cantaloupe melon: the demonstrably effective Holimel® (SOD B®) - a 100% natural melon juice concentrate that strengthens the skin's own antioxidant defences.

The antioxidant super enzyme Holimel® (SOD B®) builds your skin's natural strength and makes it more resistant to the sun's rays and other environmental factors - for unbeatable skin resilience. Our favourite power ingredient, Holimel® (SOD B®), can therefore be found in the entire melumé cosmetics range. Just try it to be amazed.